Download Gamegem Ios 10/9 Hack (Simcity) No Jailbreak Install With Cydia

This tutorial teaches you how to use GameGem step by step and some additional operations .

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This tutorial is mainly about accurate search. If you need to see the method of fuzzy search, please click here < Fuzzy search tutoiral >.

You can check introductions and overview of GameGem here :< Overview >.

Send me error log if the scan service keep crashing.


Run on iOS:JailbreakedCydiaInternet accessRun on Android:RootedInternet access

GameGem needs to be connected with the internet to download some configuration. If you blocked the internet access, you won’t be able to use GameGem.


GameGem will check the configuration settings when you tap the “Scan” tab. If the configuration checking failed, you can’t start the searching. You may try to reboot the device.



OK! Let’s get down to business!

First, open the app you want to modify and try to get some values. For example, if you want to change the score of a game, you need to get some scores first. Here, remember the number “2961” which will be used later.


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Open GameGem and choose the process you want to modify by tapping the square on the top left.

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Then you will see a list of running apps. If GameGem can’t connect to the scan service, there will be nothing.



In this tutorial we will introduce the Accurate Mode. So choose “Accurate” and “i32”


Then input the value “2961” in the accurate searching value area. ( If you want to know more about the Mode, Data Type, just check HERE )



Click the “Search” button and just wait until GameGem finish the processing.


When the searching is complete, you will see the results.


Maybe there will be lots of matched addresses. When the number of the matched address is less than 500, the button “View” will show. Tap the “View” button to check the results.


So, what should we do if the result number is more than 500:

1. Do not close GameGem, use the Home button to go back to the game.

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2. Play the game until the data we need changes.

3. Go back to GameGem, put the new data into searching value area.

4. Search again.

5. If the result is less than 500, you can view the results. Or you have to continue the step 1.


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Suggestion: To filter unmatched addresses as much as possible, you need to keep repeating the above steps.


If you want to modify the value of the results:

Go to result listCheck the address that you want to modifyClick the button ” Modify” in the the on the “Confirm” the message in the you can go back to the game and continue the process, you will see the scores changed!

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